Aggregates, Bark & Stone

J.K Conservation Projects can create bark and aggregate paths in any garden. They are a great way to connect parts of your garden or to create a small wildlife garden. Create defined areas with bark or aggregate to compliment raised beds, add texture and interest to patio areas, as well as surrounding your plants. Please see the examples below. 


Jack also offers covering large areas with bark or aggregate,which is alternative option to hard standing areas such as concrete, paving or patio.


Large pieces of aggregate such as slate, or other stone can be used to create bespoke rockeries. Involving aggregate or stone in your pond area will add texture and interest, as well as places for birds to perch. 

Birds benefit from bark paths as the bark helps retain moisture in the soil, resulting in more worms for the birds to eat.

Turning even the smallest spaces into inviting places for people and wildlife.

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