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Chellow Mount

3/4 acre plot in Beeston, Nottingham

J.K Conservation Projects worked for this client for four years, ending in 2019; the amount of space has allowed the redesign of the rockery, improvement to the soil and an increase in biodiversity. Seeding and planting various flowers, shrubs, trees and hedges has also been a key part of the work here. Jack continues to contribute to ideas within this garden and completes the general maintenance such as mowing, weeding, pruning and clearing.

The rockery started very rough and bare, filled with weeds and ferns scattered throughout. The reason for overhauling and redesigning the rockery was to create a rustic, striking space with lots of colour to attract many species of bees and butterflies. Wildflower seeds were also sown all through the rockeries, to further encourage bees and butterflies into the garden. To create a colourful, seasonal display throughout the rockery, a lot of consideration was put into the planting of the bulbs. A mixed hedge was planted to increase biodiversity. Alongside this, conifers, laurel and yews were planted. However, these would not be recommended for biodiversity but were requested by the client to help block sound from the main road.

Chellow Mount: Portfolio
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