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Conservation Efforts

Working with nature in mind

Why are gardens and green spaces so important?

  • Over five million front gardens now have no plants growing in them - that’s 1 in 3 in the UK!

  • Four and a half million front gardens (1 in 4) are completely paved over!

  • Three times as many front gardens are now paved over compared to ten years ago!


"Over 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s, that’s a startling 7.5 million acres!"


"Rough estimates put the hedgehog population in England, Wales and Scotland at about 1 million, compared with 30 million in the 1950s."


"There is a serious, long-term and ongoing decline of UK butterflies, with 70% of species declining in occurrence and

57% declining in abundance."

Other Areas of Focus

  • ​Conservation management

  • Habitat management

  • Estate and grounds management

  • Allotment planning and preparation

  • Soil improvement

  • Installation of traditional Hazel fencing. I recommend this to go alongside hedging to create a hedgehog friendly boundary.

  • Using organic, reclaimed and recycled materials whenever possible

  • Promoting environmentally friendly options

  • Supplier of high quality horse manure
    (see below)

  • Increasing biodiversity with a focus on bees, butterflies, birds and hedgehogs.

  • Encouraging the planting of native species

  • Planting schemes to encourage wildlife

  • Creating wildflower meadows, however big or small

  • Bulbs, annual, perennial, biennial plants

  • Shrubs, hedges and trees

J.K Conservation Projects

welcomes working with

other wildlife and environmental organisations or individuals.

Working with Schools


Jack has recently been working with Westdale Junior School and welcomes similar enquiries.

wildlife ponds - wildflower meadows - sensory gardens - themed gardens - raised beds

Horse manure is great for adding nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to your soil. Adding manure to your soil improves aeration and drainage... This stuff is packed full of worms too! The horses which produced this ate from organic pasture, rich in healthy herbs and wildflowers so this really is top stuff. I've spread a tonne on my own garden and have noticed a huge difference.

The Benefits of

Using Horse Manure

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