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Driveway Bed Transformation

Beeston, Nottingham



This front garden had a bed next to the driveway that was in need of some attention. Conifers originally resided in the verge so horse manure was added to improve the soil before utilising the pieces of sandstone to give the suggestion of a rockery. With the help of a tidy up and planting of jacob's ladder, bleeding heart, pieris, ferns and more, this bed is much more attractive now and will improve as the plants establish.

Horse manure is great for adding nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to your soil. Adding manure to your soil improves aeration and drainage... This stuff is packed full of worms too! The horses which produced this ate from organic pasture, rich in healthy herbs and wildflowers so this really is top stuff. I've spread a tonne on my own garden and have noticed a huge difference.

The Benefits of

Using Horse Manure

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