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Elm Avenue

The brief for this partial redesign project was to clear the space, add some much needed colour and to encourage bees and butterflies. The transformation was completed by Jack over two days- working 8 hours on each.

  • The first step was to remove the berberis and create space for the new plants chosen and collected personally by Jack, along with suitable compost.

  • Some of the existing plants were used in the new design, whilst examples such as hydrangea, hosta, azaleas were added. Ground covering plants like sedum were incorporated for texture and lilium at the back for height. Campanula and lobelia were used to suit my client’s liking of purple.

  • By removing the berberis it will allow the winter jasmine to flourish, whereas before it suffered due to lack of light.

  • Thought was put into this area to suit shady plants although a hole in the hazelnut tree was created to allow more light into the corner.

Elm Avenue: Portfolio

“Jack, just to say that we are really pleased with the job. It is a great transformation. Thank you.”

Clients at Elm Avenue

Elm Avenue: Quote
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