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Creative Meditation Wildlife Garden

Mapperley, Nottingham

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Jack was given creative freedom with this project, where the brief was to design a landscaped, wildlife garden and is a great example of a medium sized transformation. Different rocks, cobbles and unique features including hazel fence, garden arch and bird bath create an overall flowing, peaceful garden with lots to look at.  The space was partitioned with hazel fencing and a garden arch to have a clear separation of the meditation garden leading along the path to a wild, rugged slate rockery by an old greengage tree. The meditation garden is a small space but now, you can spend hours there.

The customers were ecstatic with how quickly the garden was transformed- they kept commenting every day on how much progress we were making. They also mentioned how they feel like they have "two gardens in one".


Even though lots of materials were involved, this kind of garden is very cost effective for people wanting an alternative to hard-standing areas. Aggregates are much better suited to a meditation garden, rather than concrete. The bark and the slate creates a softer floor than slabs and is also free draining. 

Regarding wildlife, the planting scheme attracted more bees and butterflies within days. The rocks and cobbles are also great hiding places for insects and amphibians. The clients didn't want a pond but agreed to the idea of a bird bath - especially vital over the summer months.


Overall this garden provides a relaxing space for the customer and wildlife to enjoy. If you like Japanese inspired  or meditation styled gardens, be sure to contact Jack.

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