Paved Garden Redesign

& Pond Creation

Transformation of a totally paved back garden in Beeston, Nottingham

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Transforming a paving-covered, shady garden can be challenging but Jack was able to add life and interest into this space, after creating a bespoke design for the client. Ponds are always welcomed by Jack so removing some slabs and digging out the pond were his priorities. Adding different plants has added colour and texture that will only get better with time. Prior to redesigning the garden, wildlife would not have been attracted to the space, but as the pond and planted area continues to establish and mature, wildlife will not be able to keep away!  The textures, colours and gentle sound of water running down from the higher, smaller pond into the larger will help to calm those enjoying the garden... showing the positive impact that gardens can have on people too. Further planting, the seated arch and blue wall were the final pieces to this transformation.

Turning even the smallest spaces into inviting places for people and wildlife.

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