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Quick Transformations

J.K Conservation Projects specialise in fast, unique planting schemes at competitive prices. Plants are individually picked from a nursery to guarantee high quality.

You don't need to change your whole garden if budget is an issue, the garden can be planned in stages. For instance, if you would like seasonal planting to ensure the best overall design, this can be done over a year - shrubs and borders can be planted first to give the structure of your beds, then ground cover, perennials and bulbs can then be added at a later stage.

Creating paths or areas with bark or aggregate can be a quick way to transform your garden. Reclaimed materials such as bricks or stone are useful in creating new beds, rockeries and feature areas. Steps, paths, decorative fences and archways can make a huge difference to any garden. Trellis and handmade wooden structures can be created to your personal needs.

Adding a pond to your garden contributes another element to your space, benefits wildlife and has calming effects.

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