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Rockery & Waterfall

Bespoke design and creation project in Wollaton, Nottingham.

The client behind this exciting project, wondered if it was possible to create their idea of a waterfall flowing through a rockery, in their garden... So they contacted J.K Conservation Projects. After a consultation, Jack provided plans and a painting of his vision for the client, who was happy for it to go ahead. There were several stages to this project, completed over nine days. The client is a keen gardener and along with her son, assisted Jack with moving the materials (due to being on the slope) and agreed that they would add flowers to the rockery themselves, once the waterfall was finished.  Apart from this support, Jack created this bespoke rockery and waterfall system independently, from design to completion.

Rockery & Waterfall: Portfolio
Rockery & Waterfall: Quote
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