Bespoke Slate Rockery Creation

Beeston, Nottingham

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The garden had limited interest before the design, apart from the acer and the hedging of mature blackthorn. A dangerous honey fungus had spread and killed the previous plants in this garden so Jack resolved this issue before creating this beautiful, bespoke slate rockery. Perennials, bulbs and shrubs with a white, blue, pink and purple theme were used to brighten up the garden and compliment the slate. A copper beech hedge has also been planted which will emphasise the different parts of the garden, add height behind the rockery and contrast well with the slate. The hedge will also provide a central point for birds so they feel safe in the garden. The large potted crab apple gives unusual fruiting interest along with the blueberry bushes that are within the rockery. The final touch of adding the arch provides space for climbers to flourish, leads you up the steps and through the garden. Now that the grass has grown and more plants have been added, this garden is totally transformed.

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