Urban Garden Design

The garden of this newly built home in Woodthorpe, Nottingham was a blank canvas in need of character.

This complete design project showcases how an average size urban garden can be turned into a sanctuary for people and wildlife.

  • The first stage was to add some much needed colour to the garden, by painting the fence a vibrant blue to contrast against the colourful plants that were later planted. 

  • To break up the harshness of the square shape to the garden, curved beds were designed and created.

  • A wooden corner-planter with willow trellis was also added to help mask the brick and add further colour.

  • Space for a bench under an arch entwined with fragrant jasmine was also made, to ensure the client can relax in their new garden, once the grass had grown. 

  • When joint with White Cotswold stone, the colourful flowers and vibrant fence, the garden gained a subtle seaside feel.

The feedback received stated how happy the client was with the increase of wildlife and transformation in general.