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Tudor House

Design and planting of a front garden in Wollaton, Nottingham.

For this project, the front garden was redesigned from bland and boring to bright and bold. Additionally, in the back garden, an old pond was transformed into a beautiful rose garden.

Originally, a red robin hedge stood in the front garden so some were removed to make way for more colourful, bee-attracting beds. To create a blooming garden that was still uniformed, a square lavender border was created. Grass was then seeded around it, with a large pebble stone display made in the centre. Ornate pots were positioned parallel to keep a neat, symmetrical look. Jasmine was grown up the post to give fragrance near the front door, which the client thought was a lovely touch. Plants grown from seed were planted around mature plants, to ensure the borders will look attractive the following year. The pond also needed some work so lilies were planted along with oxygenating plants to balance the water quality.

Tudor House: Portfolio
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