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Garden Design

Services for garden design include consultations, hand-drawn garden design plans and follow-up meetings. Jack is also available to complete or supervise the garden transformations if required.


Garden Design services are available to residential and commercial properties, schools, care homes, charities, hospitals, dental practices, medical centres and more. Please contact for prices and more information.

                              Plan your perfect garden                                 

Now is a great time to start planning the garden of your dreams... Whatever your budget, Jack can make that happen


Jack offers a professional, creative and artistic Garden Design service. Colour, texture and different heights are thoroughly used in  planting schemes to create the desired effect that is personal to you. Creating and starting a diverse habitat is also at the centre of Jack's designs to increase biodiversity in the future. So, as well as creating the garden of your dreams, Jack will provide you with a flourishing habitat for wildlife.


Whether you have a small plot or a large estate garden that

you want redesigning or planting, Jack will be happy to discuss

your needs to ensure you get the garden you desire. Wildlife and meditation gardens are his speciality but sensory gardens, nature

trails and your own ideas are welcomed.

Ponds can be implemented into any garden

Creating a pond that quickly looks established in a new garden is one of Jack's specialities.

Using stone and aggregates in pond designs, bespoke rockeries or even waterfalls add texture, colour and interest to your garden.



 Jack has a great eye for design with arranging reclaimed materials, bark,

gravels and cobbles to create a desirable effect. Paths and steps can be

added into any garden to allow flow and connectivity- archways and

decorative fences can also create great partitions. Bark and aggregate

paths can be created by J.K Conservation Projects in any space as

well as covering large areas with bark or aggregate, which is alternative

option to hard standing areas such as concrete, paving or patio. 


Garden Design Consultations

Lasting for a minimum of half an hour, a consultation is the best way for Jack to understand your desires, needs and budget. Consultations will be charged at an appropriate rate to cover Jack's contribution of knowledge, ideas, time and travel expenses.


Do you need a total garden makeover?

Would you like a design, certain elements 

creating and some left for yourself to do?

Jack is happy to help you create the garden you desire on your

terms. Whether design to completion or just a consultation and

design, you will gain a better idea of the costs, timescale and best

way to move forward in a consultation.


Once you are happy with the ideas discussed in your consultation,

Jack will get to work creating your design. You will be provided

Do you just need a design to work from?

with an annotated design, which will be drawn to scale by hand, in full colour. You will also be given a key, listing plants, features and materials.


Things to consider when planning your

dream garden

The design costs will depend on:

  • The size and complexity of the plot

  • How detailed the design is to be

  • What services are required

  • Your budget

Jack can arrange for the plants and materials to be delivered to you

alternatively, Jack can hand pick high quality plants from his preferred nursery.

J.K Conservation Projects can undertake small areas of hard landscaping, depending on what is required. See 'Projects' and 'Quick Transformations' for examples and please get in touch if you have any questions.


If you require  a lot of hard landscaping, please arrange a landscaper. Please consider the landscaper's availability and costs when planning your garden. Extra copies of the design can be supplied in order to gain quotes from the landscapers. Jack can oversee the project to ensure the landscapers work is kept to the design. All contracts will be exclusively between the client and the contractors. J.K Conservation Projects accepts no liability for contractors work

Garden Design: Service
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