Wheelchair Friendly Wildlife Garden

Transformation of a back garden in Wollaton, Nottingham.

Creating a garden that is wheelchair friendly and easy to maintain was the purpose of this total redesign project. The client also wanted to reduce the use of pots, whilst incorporating her existing plants and adding more.

Jack designed the garden and oversaw the building of the path and raised beds to ensure the integrity of the design was upheld. Once these were built, Jack planted up the garden beds, redid the borders and arranged the pots. The smooth path snaking around the garden means it is accessible for all, with the beds being at a perfect height for everyone to see and smell the flowers. Another bonus is that the height of the beds reduces the amount of bending for the client, making it ideal for any age. Once planted, the client was ecstatic about the increase of bees and butterflies in her garden, plus the vibrant colours and pleasant fragrances.


My client was overjoyed with the effectiveness of the design and increase of bees and butterflies, due to the varieties planted along with the small wild area and a log pile for insects. The end result shows how a garden can be transformed into a haven for both people and wildlife. The client now enjoys sitting in this colourful, uplifting garden which Jack maintains regularly... In fact, the client has enjoyed their garden so much that Jack was asked to create a bespoke pond and waterfall for them.


Turning even the smallest spaces into inviting places for people and wildlife.

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